#TwoFeet is the theme and name of the primary fundraising campaign for HYPA (Helping Young People Achieve). HYPA is the youth services division of SYC, which has been helping young people achieve since 1958. The #TwoFeet campaign promotes our core philosophy which centers around helping young people create and maintain an independent, constructive and prosperous life.

This involves transitioning young people out of challenging life situations such as homelessness, a difficult home environment, unemployment or disconnection from school or learning, to a self sufficient, independent and prosperous life. This requires engaging in learning and, ultimately, working, as unemployment is a precursor to poverty and welfare dependence.

Why support #TwoFeet? Because it changes people’s lives for the better and if you change their lives you change the lives of their children and their children after them. Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency and poverty is achievable with the right kind of support.

The #TwoFeet campaign stands apart (no pun intended) from many charitable efforts that provide short term fixes rather than long term, sustainable benefits. While short term fixes are important, especially when a young person is in crisis, they don’t in themselves actually resolve the issues for long and many young people can and do find themselves back where they started if they don’t receive the right kind of support at that crucial time.

HYPA delivers much-needed services to help some of the most disadvantaged young people in our community stand on their own #TwoFeet. While we are grateful for the government and business support we receive, there is often a shortage of funds for the programs and services we deliver.

By supporting the HYPA #TwoFeet campaign, you stand to become a game changer in the lives of these young people. You may even save a young person’s life, so please donate today to help more young people stand on their own #TwoFeet.

Our Services

 HYPA provides services across four focus areas that define our scope in helping young people stand on their own #TwoFeet. Our aim with all the services we provide is to equip young people who access our services with the life skills and confidence to transition from a difficult life situation or situations to a sustainable, constructive and independent life.


Working with our clients to have a stable home, a sense of home and to feel safe at home. For more information on HOME services.


Taking an holistic approach to assist our clients to focus on positive health and quality of life. For more information on WELLBEING services.


Enabling our clients to acquire knowledge, skills and methods that can be retained and applied. For more information on LEARNING services.


Helping our clients to gain and sustain employment in all its forms. For more information on WORKING services.


Events List

#TwoFeet Happenings