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Thank you for choosing to support HYPA and helping young people to stand on their own #TwoFeet.

Support our #TwoFeet campaign and help a young person to stand on their own two feet.

#TwoFeet is about independence not dependence, resilience not fragility, prosperity not poverty.  Our focus is on long term and sustainable benefit to the young people, benefit that the young person has a role in creating, too, which is the core ingredient to it becoming a genuine and sustainable life-changing process.

Why support #TwoFeet?  Because it changes people’s lives for the better and if you change their lives you change the lives of their children and their children after them.  Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency and poverty is achievable with the right kind of support.

So if you want to make a difference in this world now and for future generations, support #TwoFeet and be a game changer for a young person’s life today.

By donating you can help a young person gain their licence or ensure they get a meal today.

So donate today by simply selecting your donation amount below.

Click here to donate an amount of your choice to our #TwoFeet Campaign.

Backpack Bed – $110
Backpack Bed – $110

Provide an emergency relief Backpack Bed for a young person who is experiencing homelessness


or Click here to donate an amount of your choice to our #TwoFeet Campaign.

Why support #TwoFeet?

Because you help us to change people’s lives for the better. Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency and poverty is achievable with the right kind of support. Donating to #TwoFeet isn’t just about supporting an individual – our approach is about doing something that supports whole families, communities and generations to come.

Homelessness is one of the greatest forms of vulnerability in our community.

For a young person, they are also in a critical formative life stage, and their ability to navigate homelessness is impacted because of their age – they are the most vulnerable cohort experiencing homelessness.

You can choose how you support HYPA

You can donate to purchase items such as food, warm clothing and shower facilities for young people experiencing a crisis. Or, you can donate to our transitional housing programs that provide intense support and case management for young people to access and maintain safe, affordable accommodation. Our programs engage young people to create their own independence through education and employment.